Aegis Films

The passion to design and produce the best film has led us to the development of a state of the art facility with the most advanced machinery and manufacturing processes in the industry. Our origin started in developing scratch resistant coating for other film manufactures, thus giving Aegis an understanding and insight to the importance of coating and laminating components, which in turn make our film products second to none.

Because Aegis is not a subsidiary of a larger conglomerate like other leading window film companies, we can focus on window film and do it outstandingly! Again, passion to build the best window film possible requires us to use the highest quality, longest lasting and the most valuable components available today. All resulting in premium films with superior optical clarity, the best scratch coat available, adhesives which will withstand the test of time and “shrink ability” make it an installers dream. Aegis will not opt for a less expensive or inferior component just to boost their bottom line. As you can see, being privately owned allows us to focus on quality window film and our customer's satisfaction

We also know a film purchase does not end with the product. Our whole team is dedicated to providing a noticeable higher quality of service. At Aegis we do not just sell to you, we view our relationship as a long term partnership. We take pride in our employees, knowing they understand both the complexities of the manufacturing and the intricacies of installation.

Our field representatives will keep you informed of our features and benefits on a regular basis, while our installation professionals can provide formal training or answer any technical questions that you have. We hope that you will notice the difference in our products and sense our passion for quality.


Pronunciation: ae·gis \ˈē-jəs    noun: the power to protect, control, or support something or someone   

1.  [IN SINGULAR] The protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization: 


Early 17th century (denoting armour or a shield, especially that of a god): via Latin from Greek aegis 'shield of Zeus’.

  1. A mythological shield associated with Zeus and Athena shown as a short cloak consisting of a goatskin. The aegis of Athena is usually shown with a border of snakes and with the head of Medusa in the center. The aegis is more an emblem of protection and power than an actual military shield.
  2. Protection, guidance. Usually used as ‘under the aegis’ because of its origin as protection of the shield of Athena.
  3. Endorsement.
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